Summer Fun in Oakland County!

It’s summer time in Oakland County and it’s also National Parks and Recreation month. In honor of both, we’d love to share some of the fantastic ways that you can have a blast this summer!

OC Summer

We’re pretty sure that if you want to do it, Oakland County Parks has it. Did you know our parks offer hiking, biking, boating, fishing, camping, horseback riding and golfing? With over 67 miles of trails and 5 major river systems within our parks, you can get in touch with nature and observe the wonderful ecosystems that exist here.

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Gray Treefrogs: The little frog with the very big voice


A Gray Tree frog that has matched the color of 'his'  wren box watches the author.

A Gray Treefrog that has matched the color of ‘his’ wren box watches the author.

The Eastern Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor) is the chameleon of frogs. They are masters of camouflage with the ability to change colors in seconds. Their large sticky toe pads enable them to hop up tree bark for a night of hunting or scale glass windows with ease. Then they wait in full stealth mode for bugs and beetles drawn to porch lights. On humid nights and sultry days of July the song of this frog in the trees is unmistakable. Some consider the song a loud, almost annoying and insect-like trill. While others love the magical melody of this pudgy-appearing frog, that’s very much at home in Oakland County. Consider me among the latter. Continue reading

Elite 40 Under 40 2015 – Forum 3


This morning, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson chatted with members of the 2015 Elite 40 Under 40, including one from the 2014 class, at the third Elite 40 Forum. The County Executive enjoys hosting smaller groups so the members can get to know one another, and the county as well, on a less formal and more intimate scale. In attendance were: Andrew Chmielewski, Mitten Crate & Dave’s Sweet Tooth; Brandon Curry, Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation; Gregg Garrett, CGS Advisors, LLC; Paul Mersino, Butzel Long; Mike Roth, National Technology Management; and Susan Kruger, Soar Learning, Inc. Continue reading

Oakland County Fair 2015

Visit the 2015 Oakland County Fair!

The 2015 Oakland County 4-H Fair runs from July 3-12 at the Springfield Oaks County Park fairgrounds in Davisburg, located at 12451 Andersonville Road. Along with the traditional 4-H displays and activities, you can enjoy many family friendly activities, such as pig racing, a lumberjack show, a performing circus, hands on petting zoo and much more. Some of the popular nightly grandstand events include the Night of Destruction (demo derby), a rodeo, monster trucks and fireworks. In the tradition of the original Michigan State Fair, the Oakland County Fair will be offering a bottomless cup of chocolate milk for fifty cents. (Unlimited refills are free only with the original cup).

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